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Homeopathic Consultations

Homeopathy is a gentle and effective form of natural medicine which reinforces the body’s own healing capacity. I offer in-depth consultations for adults and children, where you will be given the time to explore your health from all areas, followed by continued support and advice as you take steps to improve your health.

Homeopathic Support for Acutes

I offer consultations for acute and first aid situations with homeopathic remedies should an unexpected illness or event occur.



Homeobotanicals are liquid herbal blends prepared prepared homeopathically to bring out the dynamic properties. I use these alongside homeopathy, for extra physical and emotional support and to restore the body.









Welcome to my website

I am a Professional Homeopath based in Nottinghamshire, England, and I’m passionate about natural health and homeopathy. I have been practicing homeopathy for 20 years locally and online.

To be healthy we need to be in balance; in our health and our lives generally. When we’re not in balance, our bodies can produce symptoms to compensate, which can impact further on our daily lives.  Homeopathy can help you to gain more balance, leading to stronger energy, more focus and contentment.

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What my clients say

I contacted Jane with a rash around my ankles that came on every time I went walking. The GP had been unable to help (offering steroid cream that cleared it up but didn’t stop it occurring again). I thought it was worth trying homeopathy. This has made a huge difference and has enabled me to enjoy walking without an itchy, sore rash that would last for days afterwards. Jane is a lovely, approachable person who takes a totally holistic approach and as such has ended up helping with a lot more than the rash on my legs!


Jane is very kind and caring and always provides wonderfully reassuring and helpful advice. We’ve had some amazing results thanks to the remedies she has prescribed.


Jane has been our family homeopath for a few years now and I cannot praise her highly enough. The difference I have seen in our teenage daughter, both physically and emotionally, since starting work with Jane has been truly amazing. Jane is incredibly thorough and professional in her approach, as well as being warm and friendly, and fantastic with children. I have already recommended her to many of my friends and will continue to do so, as homeopathy has so much to offer on every level.