About Me

My first experience of homeopathy was around 30 years ago when I saw a homeopath for hayfever which I’d had most of my life. I was given one remedy and within a couple of weeks all my symptoms disappeared and have never returned. Soon after this my mum developed breast cancer and in the time between diagnosis and her surgery, with the use of homeopathy her tumour practically disappeared.  I was so fascinated by this and needed to know more! I then signed up at the Soluna School of Homeopathy in Derbyshire, qualifying as a Classical Homeoapth in 2004. 

Homeopathy has been and continues to be a way of life for me since then. I am always learning and continuing to widen and deepen my knowledge. In 2019 I went onto study advanced homeopathy at Dynamis Ireland (completed in May 2023) which has transformed how I practice and deepened my knowledge of homoeopathic philosophy.

I am a qualified practitioner of Homeobotanicals, which I use alongside homeopathy to help open detoxification channels and support specific organs of the body alongside homeopathy. 

I also supervise training homeopaths at the North West College of Homeopathy and newly qualified homeopaths which is incredibly rewarding, helping new homeopaths start on this fascinating journey. 










I am very passionate about helping women and teenagers with all areas of hormonal health including infertility, PMS, period issues and menopause. 

The transition from child to adult can sometimes take individuals through different challenges such as anxiety disorders or depression, to physical complaints such as hormonal issues or skin problems. I’ve seen first-hand with many of my young clients (and with my own daughters) just how incredible homeopathy has been at helping them move through development stages with minimal issues, allowing them the freedom and confidence to become the best version of themselves and move forwards in their lives.

In October 2023 I set up a group for menopause with four other homeopaths – Homeopathy for Perimenopause and Menopause Symptoms, which is a place for women to get support and advice on how to navigate ‘the second spring’ naturally and we hope to empower women to use homeopathy and natural methods during this time.


To relax I absolutely love to be out in nature particularly in sunshine surrounded by birds; I love going on long walks across the countryside with our 2 labradoodles Bella and Flora, and I’m a newbie home grower of fruit and veggies.  I try and fit in yoga, running or cycling around running around after my 2 teenage girls, and I’m a keen cook. I’m fascinated by astrology have studied a short course in my spare time learning how to read birth charts. I also have several pets that also keep me busy – 2 dogs, 3 rescue cats and a hamster – all treated with homeopathy if needed! I love travelling with my husband and 2 daughters; films that move me or make me laugh; various genres of music, attending live gigs and spending time with good friends and my wider family.










What my clients say

I have been consulting Jane for homeopathy for myself and my children for more than 4 years, having seen other homeopaths prior to this.   We have seen great changes with chronic conditions such as long term grief; respiratory issues and emotional issues as well as acute issues. Her welcoming and considered approach to investigate remedies, ask further related questions and follow up, mean it feels that you are confident in the remedy prescribed and that will lead to healing. There has been growth in all of us and it has definitely helped me to move forward in my life in many ways. 

I am appreciative of how hard Jane has worked with our family to support us all and her continuing CPD which I have seen benefit us as patients through her growing practise of homeopathic knowledge. Her skill in listening to not only words but between the lines means that you feel confident in sharing what she needs to know even if it is difficult to share, and means that you feel a shift even from the appointment.

I really recommend trusting her with your wellbeing and consulting her for homeopathy, even if it is something that is new to you.


My daughter is almost 4 and struggles with painful dystonia, muscle spasms and aggressive muscle jerks upon waking, even if it’s just a usual 5-15 minute nap. We use the homeobotanical drops multiple times day and night and this means her spasms are reduced from upto 6 minutes down to a minute or so with the drops. This is major for pain, quality of life and genera joy!
Her nurses who weren’t believers in alternative medicine and homeopathy are slowly converting and two of them have now brought the remedy kits for their own children and family!


Jane has been my homeopath for just over a year now and I have always found her to be both professional and caring. She has always been there for me and homeopathy has really helped me through some difficult times. Homeopathy is a very gentle way of healing and I am a great believer in it.


I have received homeopathic treatment from Jane for a variety of different issues, and my health and wellbeing have really benefited from the treatment. I come away from the appointments with Jane feeling like she has really listened, and that she is very perceptive about what I need from a remedy. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Jane as a homepath.