What Happens during a Consultation?

During your initial consultation I will want to know about your main health issue and also about your general health. I will need to know all about your current health and symptoms, as well as your past health history including any medications you’re taking, major events that have impacted on you and your mental and emotional health. So I can match a remedy to you, I am looking to see how you react to the world around us, so details of your likes and dislikes will be noted, including food desires, what type of weather you like or dislike, hobbies, sleep, dreams and general physical issues. Initial consultations are for an hour and a half.

After the consultation, if you are UK based you will receive your remedy in the post with details of the prescription including how to take the remedy and for how long. If you are an international client I will email you your prescription with instructions on what to take, where to purchase and how to take the remedy. I usually ask for an update around one or two weeks later by email for chronic cases. It’s really useful for you to keep a note of any changes you experience after taking your remedy as sometimes we can forget what symptoms we had as we get better.










Follow up Consultation

For constitutional care, follow up consultations are required between 4-6 weeks after the initial session, depending on symptoms. Each person is unique and cases are done on an individual basis, but basically the longer you’ve had symptoms the more follow ups you’re likely to need to get to the level of health you’re happy with. I do offer email support in between sessions for advice as well. If you’re unsure whether you need a follow up session, just drop me an email and we can discuss this together.


Acute Consultation

Sudden unexpected illnesses and events happen to us all at various times, and particularly to children. When this happens and you are an existing client of mine, you can book in for an acute session lasting 15 minutes for urgent help. Issues would include tummy bugs, childhood illnesses, ear infections, flu, accidents etc. I will see you over Zoom for acute sessions and email your prescription including remedy and dosage. It is useful for you to have a first aid homeopathy kit at home for such times so you can take the prescribed remedy as soon as possible. If you’re not already a client of mine you can book an acute consultation through the Homeopathy247 website.



Homeobotanical Therapy is a core system of therapy developed in New Zealand in 1984. Herbal remedies are prepared from liquid tinctures then diluted and potentised homeopathically. The resulting remedies have incredible healing properties which are very gentle on the body to aid with detoxification, elimination and also enhanced absorption of nutrients. Homeobotanicals may be suggested for you if I feel you need extra support for specific conditions, for example to support digestion, sleep, specific organs, thyroid issues or hormonal support.

What my clients say

The remedy Jane recently prescribed for a severe allergic reaction to a bite on my leg worked miraculously. The highly inflamed, red, painful, hard lump, and rather alarmingly growing reaction was halted in its tracks within hours of taking the remedy. In addition, the general feeling of being unwell, and very tired also eased. Within another 12 hours it was clear that the bite area was almost totally healed and I felt well, although a little tired. Within another 12 hours my leg looked almost normal, and I was back to my usual state of wellness. As I write this, 3 days later, my leg looks perfect once more with no trace of the bite at all. Whilst, I have had many successful treatments with homeopathy in the past, the unequivocal impact of this prescription was stunning. It was clearly the correct remedy, at the correct dose, and I am very grateful for Jane’s expertise, and indeed for being shown, once again, how homeopathy can help heal us. Thank you, Jane, and thank you homeopathy.


“The whole aim of Homeopathy is to cure”
James Tyler Kent