Currently all sessions are online using Zoom due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and will be for the foreseeable future. This works well and doesn’t impact on the quality of your prescription.







During your initial consultation I will want to know about your main issue and how it affects you day to day. Details of your likes and dislikes will be noted, including food desires, what type of weather you feel best in, hobbies, sleep, dreams and general physical ailments. This usually takes around 1 – 1.5 hours.
Once you’ve had your consultation, I then work on your case notes, and find a match in the homeopathic materia medica for your symptoms. I then send you a remedy in the post, all included in the fee. Remedies can be small sucrose pillules or in a liquid dropper bottle. All instructions on how to administer the remedies are included on my prescription card sent with the remedy. It’s really useful for you to make a note of any changes you experience after taking your remedy, including if symptoms alleviate, aggravate slightly or disappear, as sometimes we can forget what symptoms we had as we get better!










Follow up Consultation

I usually ask all new clients to commit to at least 2 follow-up appointments, which are most often every 4-6 weeks. After this, you book in when you feel you’re experiencing a change in your symptoms or a return of previously alleviated symptoms. If you’re unsure whether you need a follow up session, just drop me an email and we can discuss this together.

Acute Consultation

We all know, particularly if you have children, that random and unexpected illnesses and events happen. If this is the case and you are an existing client of mine, you can book in for an acute session lasting 20 minutes. I will either post remedies if you don’t have remedies to hand.

Pregnancy and Birth Consultation

This is a one-off session I offer to pregnant women who wish to use homeopathy during the birth of their baby and in the days following the birth for herself and the new baby. It lasts around an hour and I explain how to use the remedies in the Helios Childbirth Kit, including which remedy for what stage of labour and which remedies to use for post-birth healing and for new babies. You will be provided with the Helios Birthing Kit as well as some extra remedies not included in the kit as part of the session.



Homeobotanical Therapy is a core system of therapy developed in New Zealand in 1984. Herbal remedies are prepared from liquid tinctures then diluted and potentised in the homeopathic manner. The resulting remedies have incredible healing properties which are very gentle on the body to aid with detoxification, elimination and also enhanced absorption of nutrients. Homeobotanicals may be suggested for you if I feel you need extra support for specific conditions for example to support digestion, thyroid issues or hormonal support.

What my clients say

The remedy Jane recently prescribed for a severe allergic reaction to a bite on my leg worked miraculously. The highly inflamed, red, painful, hard lump, and rather alarmingly growing reaction was halted in its tracks within hours of taking the remedy. In addition, the general feeling of being unwell, and very tired also eased. Within another 12 hours it was clear that the bite area was almost totally healed and I felt well, although a little tired. Within another 12 hours my leg looked almost normal, and I was back to my usual state of wellness. As I write this, 3 days later, my leg looks perfect once more with no trace of the bite at all. Whilst, I have had many successful treatments with homeopathy in the past, the unequivocal impact of this prescription was stunning. It was clearly the correct remedy, at the correct dose, and I am very grateful for Jane’s expertise, and indeed for being shown, once again, how homeopathy can help heal us. Thank you, Jane, and thank you homeopathy.
Helen Whitney

“The whole aim of Homeopathy is to cure”
James Tyler Kent

Wherever you are on your path to health, homeopathy can help you achieve your goal, so don’t hesitate to give me a call.