Freya, 4 years old, had suddenly presented with the frequent need to urinate, even after going to go to the toilet, she’d immediately say she needed another wee.  This was intense, she’d have a feeling of needing to empty her bladder throughout the day but nothing coming out.  She’d have urgency and frequency but didn’t complain of any pain on urination.  She was checked by medics for possible urine infection, but all results came back clear.  Freya’s Mum was pregnant with her second baby, and Freya was due to start school in a couple of weeks.  Just before Freya had started feeling the need to wee more, her parents had told her about the pregnancy and the impending arrival of the new baby.  No other significant symptoms.

Generally, Freya was a happy, contented child. Very shy especially in new situations and had a history of crying when left at nursery.  She had a vivid imagination and was fearful at night in the dark, so had 2 lights on all night.  She loved playing with her baby dolls, painting, singing, and dressing up.  She was affectionate and was often found moulded to her mum.

Prescription – PULSATILLA, 2 doses – one at night and one the following morning

Response – Within 12 hours of taking the remedy, all bladder resolved completely

As a sensitive child the two big life changing issues of starting school and mum having a new baby created a sense of being alone and a forsaken feeling, and it presented itself in a nervous, sensitive bladder.   She felt a fear that she was going to be abandoned and being only 4 years old, Freya didn’t have the language to express how she felt. It gradually built up, eventually manifesting physically, just enough to let her mum know that she wasn’t happy with this situation.  Pulsatilla helped to rebalance Freya’s fears, consequently clearing up her physical symptoms. She went on to settle into school fine (with the occasional repeat of pulsatilla along the way) and never felt any jealousy towards her new baby sister when she arrived.

Freya is now 17 years old and still occasionally needs pulsatilla – she is my eldest daughter! Last week she had a heavy cold with copious thick discharge and watery eyes which pulsatilla cleared within a day.  Freya has been brought up on homeopathy and it has helped her at every block she’s encountered growing up. Starting your kids on homeopathy early gives them the best start in life, I don’t know what I’d do without it as a mum!

Pulsatilla Nigricans

Pulsatilla is known to be the picture of a child with a timid, weeping disposition, with a tendency to inward sadness with a mild and yielding nature.  A deep fear of abandonment and ‘forsaken feeling’. Fear of being alone, fear of the dark in children, and a fear of being unlovable. It is a great childhood remedy when the child craves affection and attention. On the flip side (every remedy has 2 sides!) they can be jealous and manipulative to get what they want – they want the attention for themselves – and sensitive to reprimands.

Physically there are digestive disturbances – especially after eating fatty foods. There are urine issues – sensitive bladder, frequent urination and cystitis with weeping, there is also nocturnal bedwetting. Also common are colds with thick green discharge, ear infections, conjunctivitis and often thirstlessness with every complaint.

Those needing pulsatilla also may have ever changing, shifting symptoms which reflects the nature of the flower, also known as the Wind Flower. A wonderful childhood remedy useful for many ailments.