Thrush is a fungal infection of the mouth, throat and genitals (and other parts of the body) which occurs when the fungus Candida Albicans overgrows.  This yeast exists in healthy people in small amounts within the gut and doesn’t cause an issue if the system is in balance, however if this balance is upset it can result in the fungus spreading to other parts of the body and causing symptoms.

What Causes Candida?

There are many factors that cause candida and it’s often a combination of several factors.  The most common causes are repeated use of antibiotics or steroids; exposure to toxic metals and chemicals; the use of synthetic hormones such as the Pill and HRT; hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy or perimenopause; parasites in the gut; excessive stress and excessive sugar consumption. It can also be caused by a past emotional trauma.

What are the Symptoms of Candida Overgrowth?

It most commonly shows in the genitals with soreness and itching with a thick white discharge, or in the mouth as raised painful white patches. Pains will be burning with soreness and redness, sometimes swelling.  Other more systemic symptoms may include repeated fungal infections e.g. athlete’s foot; digestive problems including bloating and food cravings; menstrual problems such as irregular periods and PMT; joint pains; ear, nose, and throat issues such as sinusitis and mental issues such as foggy brain and lethargy.

How to treat Candida

  • Digestive adjustments to remove any foods that appear to be aggravating the symptoms, often sugar or wheat.
  • Taking a good probiotic to get gut health more in balance
  • Eating regular meals of 3-5 times a day to help stabilise blood sugar levels and reduce cravings
  • Include fermented foods into diet such as kefir
  • Work with a homeopath to clear deeper emotional or mental trauma


Homeopathic Remedies for Candida

Arsenicum Album
For vaginal thrush with acrid, thick, yellow discharge. Burning pain in vagina. Accompanied by restlessness, fear of disease and thirst for sips of cold water.
Worse for standing and walking; after midnight.

Oral thrush with ulcers, dry cracked tongue with a bitter taste, craves sour food.
Vaginal thrush – vagina feels swollen and burning; discharge before and after period – albuminus and acrid, sensation as if warm water flowing down leg.
Worse for fruit and tobacco

Foul, acrid vaginal discharge which stains; craves smoked foods.
Pressure in region of spleen.
Better for cold, rest, period and between 6pm-6am
Worse for warmth and hot foods

Natrum Mur
Painful irritating thrush with dryness of vagina; discharge may be thin and watery or thick and white with aversion to sex due to pain and dryness.
Worse 9-11am; after menses, heat of sun
Better open air, rest, cool bathing

Nitric Acid
Acrid, offensive discharges and redness, with splinter-like pains, itching and burning.
Vaginal itching after sex
Offensive smell of urine
Worse milk

Thick, bland or yellowish-green discharge with thriftlessness and weepiness
Worse rich foods
Better fresh air, company

Discharge with large lumps, bearing down feeling in abdomen; irritated by partner and children.
Worse before period, for sex and touch
Better crossing legs, vigorous exercise

Profuse, thick, green discharge with very sensitive vagina and sweetish smell
Worse cold, damp heat and sweets
Better for warmth